Compact Mixer Amplifier


  • 4 Mic/Line mono input channels from separate input connectors.
  • Super musical 2-band EQ on each input channel.
  • A group of stereo Aux input (with RCA connectors).
  • A group of Rec output (with RCA connectors).
  • Super musical 5-band EQ on main output.
  • Build in digital delay effector.
  • Mp3 player with LCD display and remote control.




Power Output: 150W RMS 4 ohm.
Channel: 4 Mic/Line + 1 Aux stereo input.
Channel Strips: Volume Controls, 4 Rotary.
Output: main out TRS.
Built-in Digital Effect: Digital Delay, 2ms-150ms.
Master Section: Rotary Master.

T.H.D: 1kHz 8ohm 0.05%.
Crosstalk: 1kHz@0dBu, 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, channel into master output.
                     Channel faders down <-63dB.
Sensitivity @mixer output +4dBu: Mic/Line: -50dBu/-35dBu, Aux in: -6dBu.
Input Channel Equalization: 2-band, +-15dB (Low EQ: 80Hz, High EQ 12kHz).
Noise: 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, line inputs to master output
             Master output, all fader down: -86dBu.
             Power amp output, all faders down: -52dBu.
Frequency Response: Mic input to output
                                          20Hz~20kHz, line level o/p @ +4dBu into 600ohm: +1/-3dB.
                                          20Hz~20kHz, power amp o/p 1 watt into 8ohm: +1/-3dB.
Output Cannel Equalization: 5-band +/-12dB (100Hz, 330Hz, 1kHz, 3.3kHz, 10kHz).
Microphone Preamp E.I.N: 150ohms terminated, max. gain: <-122dBm.





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